FOCUS gives you FEEL. FOCUS and FEEL give you TIMING. FOCUS, FEEL, and TIMING give you BALANCE.

The Responsibilities

  • For the Human
  • 1. Don't act like a predator
  • 2. Have an independent seat
  • 3. Think like a horse
  • 4. Use the natural power of focus
  • For the Horse
  • 1. Don't act like a prey animal
  • 2. Maintain gait
  • 3. Maintain direction
  • 4. Look where you're going

The Principles

  • 1. Horsemanship is natural
  • 2. Don't make or teach assumptions
  • 3. Communication is two or more individuals sharing and understanding an idea
  • 4. Horses and humans have mutual responsibilities
  • 5. The attitude of justice is effective
  • 6. Body language is the universal language
  • 7. Humans teach horses, horses teach humans
  • 8. Principles, purpose, and time are the tools of teaching

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 7th addendum

Seven of us who had been to the Rendezvous got together to share our experiences at the Rendezvous. I learned, or re-learned what I had forgotten, that when a horse is right brained, in order to get a change in his brain, a hindquarter disengagement is needed. Simply changing directions, as in the circle game won't get the desired effect. The CROSSING OVER of the hind leg, as in stop turn and face of a squeeze is what is needed. Sideways, or backing also may help, but the crossing over of a leg to turn and face is most effective. It is physcologically based in the instinct to run a preset distance --?100 yards? for most breeds, then turn face and see if the predator is still in a hunting mode, or has lost interest.
Also, just prior to our meeting, I got the opportunity to ride L's horse, Bozzy. After licking and chewing on that experience, I have realized , or realized that I experienced a couple of interesting things. Bozzy was great, very soft, offered up an opinion to go thru the gate a time or two, but never argued like Sonny does. At a slightly downhill area of the arena , he volunteered a trot, but I asked him to resume a walk. After thinking about it, I wish I had let him continue the trot. I have felt less than confident or secure at the walk, and have thought I wasn't ready for the trot. But , in retrospect, I was comfortable at the few steps of trot,,,I think I was as confident, possibly more confident than the walk. Could it be that the trot feels more secure than a walk??? soooo, I have browsed around looking , and found a statement by Linda what when you are riding with fluiditity, the walk is actually less secure feeling than the trot. Wow. Yay, me. Hope I can hold onto that feeling of confidence when I'm on Sonny.
The next thing that I experienced with Bozzy that I hadn't before experienced is that at the 9 step backup, he & I were totally in sync--when my body moved back with the left hip/shoulder, he moved back with his left leg. We backed up several steps in sync left & right. It felt very cool! I think I've seen/read that it should be my upper body---not drive with the hips, but being in sync was awesome nevertheless.
Also, while riding Bozzy, I got to practice a 'for real' controlled catastrophe. Not a big one, but not a staged one ,either. A young girl ran up to the fence, I'm sure she didnt mean to be predator-like in her behavior, but she kinda slinked up in the treeline and peered into the arena to watch. Perfectly innocent on her part, but I could see it spooking the horses by either seeing her predator like approach, or by not being aware of her presence untill they passed by and she moved. Anyway, I asked Bozzy for an indirect rein/HQ disengagement, and we faced her. She seemed very surprised, but Bozz was completely unflustered. I'm not sure if he ever did see her, he never reacted. Altogether, that brief ride was very good for my confidence. The only down side of it , is that I couldnt get a sideways....and I thought I was asking correctly and clearly.

with homeschool, doctor's appt., working extra on Sat., church and on-call on Sunday, I doubt that I will get to go see Sonny this weekend. What a bummer!!! I haven't been able to see him since we got home from the Rendezvous.
On an up note-at the get together we set a date --Dec. 4th, for our next lesson with Carol Herring. It will be private and semi-private lessons. I'm very excited about that. Plus, V, D, and I are sending in applications for Kathy Baar's L2/3 two day clinic in March. I hope,hope, hope that I can do at least one lesson per month to help me progress.Annnnndddddd, I am on the prospective participant list for an event that Carol Coppinger is planning in April.

Studying SC dvd's while I'm unable to play.

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